Jason is an excellent speaker and an even better listener. He values truth, candidness, forgiveness, and understanding and lives his values through both his work and personal life. He is someone who truly understands the nature and value of relationships. He operates in all situations by mutual respect and consent and to mutual advantage which builds incredible and lasting trust.

While he has extensive experience helping people better understand themselves and their interactions with others, his real gift is in his ability to help heal relationships, restore order and enhance communication between individuals. This is a talent that is in short order in today’s world but is also the answer to many of the problems we face. Working with Jason will not only help you better your business, your dealings with others but also yourself.

Kevin Magee and Trevor Cherewka

Jason Dykstra was our guest presenter at the January meeting of the Small Business Community Network (SBCN) Waterloo Chapter.

Jason's comfortable and relaxed delivery enhanced the subject matter, keeping it appealing and relevant for an audience of small business professionals.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Jason as a presenter who is both knowledgeable and entertaining!

Linda and Dave Ockwell-Jenner

Interesting material and presenter. Unique and approachable.

Workshop participant

Coaching with Betty brought me enough peace in the midst of leadership challenges to stay steady and to see difficult tasks through. From wearing a mantel of leadership to finding a mantra, to uncovering the power of triangles; the tools given speak a language that builds understanding and help me stay grounded. I use these tools every day and as such, am better able to work through the challenges that come.

A great gift of the coaching has been sharing that language with our department as a whole. As we find our common language in this regard, we deepen our capacity to relate well together and with the students we interact with.

Dr. Karen Cornies

Dean of Students, Redeemer Universtiy College
It transformed the way I looked at conflict. I now get involved in conflicts I should and not in those I don't.

Micah Van Dijk

My regular appointments with Betty have helped me work through the complexities of leadership at a faith-based organization. Her insights have helped me see ways to strengthen the organization by identifying areas for growth and how to build on healthy foundations. I leave each session challenged to change, supported by affirmation of strengths, and renewed with energy to tackle new ways of being.

Richard Wikkerink

Associate Vice President Student Development and Regstrar, Redeemer University College
What's most appealing about Betty, for me, is that she helps me consider how the conflicts and communication problems at my department fit within the larger context: what is really going wrong, and how can we change things? It's a challenge trying to reform one corner of a large (and at times dysfunctional) organization, and having good coaching from Betty has helped immensely.

University Associate Professor and Associate Director

Betty gave us a common language that is equipping us in our work. I can now explain conflict and build understanding. Many times I have translated it into conversations with students.

Hennie Schoon

Betty has been associated with Conrad Grebel University College as a trainer in the Certificate Program in Conflict Management since 2001 and more recently as a sessional lecturer in our undergraduate program in Peace and Conflict Studies. Betty consistently receives exceptional evaluations, and is appreciated for her authenticity, knowledge, experience and presentation style. University students are drawn to the field of mediation through her courses, and many participants in her workshops seek out her advice and assistance both formally and informally.

Susan Baker

Manager, Certificate Program in Conflict Management, Conrad Grebel University​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ College
Jason Dykstra was a well informed, interesting and good choice for our training. He came prepared, he was a professional and he gave our staff many tools that they can carry with them throughout the academic year and into their communities.

Mark Lane

University of Rhode Island
Betty came into our department to help us work through some unhealthy dynamics that had become ingrained in the department's culture. Betty's insights into the dynamics of the department and her advice how to negotiate tricky situations were invaluable. Our dysfunctional department is now a much more healthy unit, with people respecting each other's boundaries and sharing a general sense that decisions are being made fairly and openly.

University Departmental Chair

I had the invaluable opportunity to receive personal coaching from Betty to work through some of the more difficult issues as they came up. This personal coaching was extremely beneficial to me in my role as Department Chair. With her guidance and support I was able to transform the department from a dysfunctional family into a much more cooperative team, where people respect each other's boundaries, accept collective decisions and generally feel better about coming to work.

Past Client