Our Services

Credence & Co. is committed to supporting the health of organizations and their leaders. This support is premised on Credence & Co.’s foundational values—to engage each organization and its leaders from a place of unconditional positive regard, to listen at all times to the voices of individuals and the system for the wisdom they have to offer, and to lead with courage, humility, and honesty. Credence & Co. engages leaders thoughtfully and intentionally; Credence & Co. works with organizations to encourage health and vitality; Credence & Co. tailors its interventions to meet the needs of each person and group it serves. By engaging with Credence & Co., organizations gain support for their leaders, they address concerns emerging from staff and they gain the advantage of partnering with a team whose work across the workplace spectrum provides a unique insight into the challenges and possibilities facing organizations in the twenty-first century.


  • Leadership coaching is available for individual leaders and leadership teams. Leadership coaching encourages people to lead from their strengths, to enhance their leadership skills and to build the strength of the organization.
  • Conflict coaching is available for leaders, staff members and teams. Conflict coaching allows those being coached to learn conflict management skills, to think through a challenging relationship, to plan for future encounters and/or to bring closure to existing conflicted dynamics.

Conflict Assessment
and Mediation

  • Organizations are often challenged when conflict situations emerge. Credence & Co. is available to provide organizations encountering such challenges with (a) consultation regarding conflict; (b) assessments and recommendations for addressing these situations; and (c) intervention to support organizations with the resolution of conflict.
  • Intervention in conflict situations can include interpersonal or group mediation, conflict coaching, workshop training, facilitation regarding tough decisions, review of policies and procedures, or referrals for counseling.
  • Mediation brings parties together, with the support of a mediator, to address their concerns and develop a more effective working relationship with one another.

Workshops and Public Speaking

  • Credence & Co. provides a regular slate of workshops in partnership with Conrad Grebel University College, custom-designed workshops tailored for particular groups’ needs, and presentations for public events. Credence & Co. is in the process of developing web-based learning opportunities that can support organizations that span North America and the globe.
  • A sampling of workshop titles and speaking topics includes:
    • Understanding Conflict: Foundations
    • Understanding Conflict: Advanced
    • Tackling Tough Conversations
    • Transforming Polarized Thinking
    • Giving and Receiving Feedback
    • Leading Organizations Through Conflict
    • The Bully in the Workplace
    • Coaching and Mediation Skills for Leaders
    • Healthy Boundaries
    • Leading Meetings
    • Building Healthy Staff Teams
    • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
    • The Generational Gap: Engaging a Multi-Generational Workplace
    • The Value-Driven Workplace


  • Occasionally organizations come to Credence & Co. with a generalized sense of malaise, not sure what they are looking for. At other times they come with multiple concerns with which they are wrestling simultaneously. Credence & Co. provides consultation services in these situations, listening carefully, asking questions and helping organizations discern their most appropriate next steps. Credence & Co. has particular expertise in the areas of conflict management, organizational culture, change management, and leadership development.
  • Credence & Co. is currently developing a relationship with an organizational health survey company to allow for regular “health checks” for organizations.

Facilitation Regarding Decision Making

  • Many organizations feel overwhelmed when it comes to making tough decisions, whether these decisions are associated with something concrete (should this project be discontinued or revamped?) or something more intangible, such as larger concerns regarding vision and purpose (where is our organization headed?). Credence & Co. is available to work with teams leading these conversations and/or to lead tough organizational meetings.

Policy Development

  • Credence & Co. offers policy review and development support in the following areas:
    • Performance Management
    • Staff Reviews
    • Decision-Making
    • Dispute Resolution Policies
    • Policies for Addressing Matters of “Grave Concern”
    • General Human Resources Policies

Writing/Thought Leadership

  • Credence & Co. is committed to thinking strategically about trends in leadership, conflict management and training—especially as our work is impacted by larger cultural, political and socio-economic phenomena in the twenty-first century. Credence & Co. can offer strategic brainstorming sessions and innovation workshops for leaders to help them understand how larger trends are affecting their organizations.
  • Credence & Co. is available to write papers analyzing these trends and their implications for local and national organizations. We believe it is imperative to see clearly and with context in order to discern risks and opportunities, and then engage cooperatively to meet those challenges or take advantage of them.

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Our Typical Work Process

Credence & Co.’s team of consultants has a diverse and excellent skill set to meet your needs. When the challenges you are facing fall outside our core competencies (e.g., counselling or employment law), we can make referrals to other agencies or professionals accordingly.


Discussion around your needs and wants for the desired project, your potential milestones and end goals that you are hoping to achieve and your budget for the project.


We work with you to understand your organization and its culture so that we can design a process specifically for you.


We implement the process and monitor the success of the project through regular communication with you.