Keith Regehr

VP Operations

Keith has been transforming conflicts for almost 30 years. With a passion for individuals and organizational life, Keith’s practice includes mediation, facilitation, training and organizational change leadership. While Keith works with organizations of all sizes and circumstances, the more complex the circumstances, the happier he is.

Keith holds a BA (Hons) in political theory from the University of Winnipeg, a law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School, and an MTS from University of Waterloo/Conrad Grebel University College. He practiced law in Toronto, both in private practice and the Professional Discipline office of the Law Society of Upper Canada. Keith has lived much of his adult life as a nomad. In 1990, he moved with his family to Lesotho to work in the area of community development, human rights, and political change. His time in Lesotho coincided with the period of political transition in South Africa in the early 1990s. In the late 1990s, Keith lived in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where he was Assistant Director at the Lancaster Mediation Center and served on the board of the local restorative justice agency. In 1998, Keith moved to Kitchener, Ontario where he also teaches in the Peace and Conflict Studies department at Conrad Grebel University College/University of Waterloo. Keith’s training practice has included designing and delivering restorative justice and conflict resolution training programs (including in cross-cultural settings), and developing and implementing anti-racism training programs.

Keith views his years as a nomad to be an asset to his work. Having learned to live and work comfortably in a wide range of cultural contexts, Keith is comfortable working wherever he is invited. Keith brings with him a deep respect for those whose lives, experiences, and values differ from his own. Keith engages the complexity of your context, holds the space, and invites you to open the door to whatever is next.